Dreamweaver library files not updating

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Dreamweaver library files not updating

This publication is intended as a useful quick-start guide for front-end developers delving into the realm of Sharepoint development. If you do happen to stumble across any information in this book that you feel should be corrected post-haste, please don’t hesitate to email me: I will thusly research the correction in question, and assuming it passes my rigorous, time-tested set of qualifications (read: “me lazily Googling for a few minutes”), I will amend this book and credit you somewhere in kind. Furthermore, Sharepoint’s default front-end code (that is, the HTML, CSS, and JS that are used by default within a fresh install of Sharepoint) is so horrific that you’ll likely begin immediately assessing how to rewrite or overhaul the existing code in a desperate attempt to bring it in line with modern web development standards. We’ll also walk through common vocabulary used during Sharepoint development. The answer to all of these questions is “Sharepoint.” Look, I’m not a scientist.

As such, a few assumptions will be made about you throughout the book: If any of these assumptions are falsy in nature with regards to your person, you may consider putting this book down and attempting to remedy them. Hell, I’ll even be so kind as to give you a whole truckload of tips and tricks for developing in a more agile manner, and with considerably less mind-numbing agony. First things first, let’s have a short Q-and-A session to clear a few things up: This question stands alongside many of life’s most fundamental questions: what makes the sky blue? I couldn’t possibly be, anyway; I’m here attempting to assist you, while those motherfuckers lyin’ and gettin’ you pissed.

Corporations tend to be the most common adopters of Sharepoint, and as many of these organizations explicitly utilize Windows machines, it can be assumed that Internet Explorer will generally be the most common browser used to access the Sharepoint site.

As far as browser support goes: As a general rule, your site must look great and function perfectly in IE7/8.

It should be noted that this is only a partial list of Sharepoint terms; realistically, there are dozens, or even hundreds, of unfamiliar terms you might hear when working on a Sharepoint project.

Sharepoint is a web application platform developed by Microsoft.

Though you’ll find a wide array of explanations as to what Sharepoint is, it could most accurately be described as “a terrifying, monolithic CMS on crack.” It’s most often used as an intranet site for businesses of all shapes and sizes, offering a range of features: Conversely, my personal tagline for Sharepoint is the soothing sound of me violently smashing my laptop with a cinder block while my head rotates three-hundred-and-sixty degrees and blood spouts from my eyes.

It can all become quite a behemoth, as you can likely imagine.

Add to this the fact that users of the Sharepoint application may be able to create their own sub-sites, and you begin to see just how enormous the sheer scope of a Sharepoint application could become, especially for a larger corporation with thousands of employees.

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As one could reasonably assume, though the information contained herein should be largely accurate and trustworthy, it is by no means comprehensive, and various aspects of front-end development for Sharepoint could very well be omitted. If you’re reading this book, it can logically be assumed that you’ve been tasked with completing a project that involves working with Sharepoint; in fact, it’s probably safe to make the assumption that you’re a front-end developer who stumbled upon this text after hysterically Googling “MICROSOFT SHAREPOINT SOME1 PLS HELP,” tears streaming down your pudgy cheeks, fat fists wildly bashing the keyboard of your Mac Book Pro. I found myself in exactly the same position some time ago; well, aside from the crying, anyway. Sharepoint itself is chock-full of bad practices and front-end code taboos that will leave you scratching your head (and potentially crying, since you’ve apparently shown a propensity for doing that, Nancy). This quick-start guide was written to assist you, the mid- to senior-level front-end developer, better understand how Sharepoint is constructed, what its weak points are, and how to develop for it more intelligently and more quickly.

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